Hey everyone!

It took me seven years, but I finished my instrumental metal album! 10 Tracks, about 56 minutes.

Feel free to give it a listen, and I will of course C4C! No need to listen to the whole thing of course

I have posted tracks here on Original Recordings since 2008, and the feedback I've gotten here allowed me to grow and improve so much over the years. It is thanks to you all that this album finally exists

No matter what you want to do with guitar and music, always strive to improve your playing and your recordings. It has been perhaps the most rewarding endeavor in my life.


Hey man listening as I type. First off, you NAILED it, great production and quality! I feel like you can dirty it up a bit and add some grime to the distorted guitars, but that's purely my own taste and what I do with my songs typically. What did you use for recording everything by the way? I like it. You should slap on some vocals on a track or two man would be awesome! 

Your guitar playing on Dead Fantasy is superb, and lovely fade out on that one I dig it.

I think I liked Breaking Bad the most, especially since that's basically my favorite show not sure if you were referencing that but love it. All in all awesome songwriting man and amazing production quality!! Your time and effort paid off big! I have nothing to offer as far as your guitar playing is concerned because you are a million times better than me lol all I think that would add to it is making some of it dirtier, noisier, louder (but take that advice with a pinch of salt) 

Here are two of mine to review:

https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1731988   (Judge my guitar solo on this one at the bridge!! First solo I've ever done/attempted)
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Thanks for the kind words!! I appreciate you taking the time to check it out and give some feedback
Breaking Bad is indeed inspired by the show, and when I wrote that track I actually composed certain segments to correspond with specific scenes.

This album was recorded using a USB interface with my PC. I run the electric guitar through the interface and record everything with a clean signal and no effects or distortion. I use a DAW (Reaper) and VST Plugins to add the effects and distortion via software when editing the songs. This means you can change tones on the fly without re-recording the guitar tracks. Definitely a time saver, and easier than using a mic for guitars if you don't have a quiet place to record.

I was never much for singing, so vox will likely never be anything I can do

I actually remember listening to your stuff back in 2009 when I first started recording music. I was just a teen at the time, it was partially due to your music that inspired me to write my own instrumental music. Congratulations on your third full-length, I'm not even halfway and it's sounding pretty good. My only criticism is, the levels between the drums and distorted guitars are a bit inconsistent (mostly the first track). I think the snare is too loud in the first one. The rest appear to sound fine so far.

I don't really need a critique since my latest has already received a lot of good feedback, although if I get something up soon, I will put in a new reply here for a proper critique. Although if you wish, you may listen to what is on my Soundcloud, the three latest tracks I've written are probably my best by a long shot. 

I'm struggling to write a full-length, or even an EP of music because I feel like I have "musical ADHD" --- that is, I chop and change between which genres of metal I like and then my music correspondingly changes and then I have all this weird music that wouldn't fit together.
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Ok just listened to the first two tracks. Liking it a lot! I agree about the production, from what I am listening with you seem to have nailed it. I definitely appreciated the use of clean guitars which helped add a lot of variety. Your solos definitely have some unique phrasing as well which I like a lot.

I do have a question, not really about the production, but specifically the video. How did you make that overlay that changes with each track? Did you outsource that or did you create that yourself? When I have uploaded my stuff to YouTube in the past I have just used a static image of the album which isn't quite as professional.

If you want to check out either of my two projects I'll drop links below. Thanks dude!

I did an instrumental progressive metal album nearly 3 years ago now as part of my Masters, which is on my Bandcamp: https://charliemunro.bandcamp.com/album/maverick

The one I released today is a way more chilled out EP, also on Bandcamp but here's the thread I made earlier: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1731598

Thanks for the feedback! I checked out a couple of yours and posted on your thread. I am very honored that you heard some of my music back in the day. If nothing else, inspiring others to pursue their passions in music makes me feel that I have succeeded in accomplishing something meaningful through my work

By the way, Sunset Thunder is a very solid track!


Hey Random, I posted in your thread as well. Thanks for the kind words! The video I actually did myself for the overlay. I used Sony Vegas, and created three video tracks. The bottom layer is just the track listing in text format, bright blue color. The middle layer is the dimmed blue text, which is used to "gray out" each track as it finishes playing. The top layer is the highlighted track, which is glowing to signify the currently playing song.

The timecode in the bottom right is a feature built into Vegas that I learned how to do on a YouTube video.

I hope that helps explain how it works. If you have specific questions feel free to message me and I can try to help further!

Thanks again both of you

No worries, and thank you for the kind words in my thread. I remember it was "Demon Hunter" that I heard, and that's what set me off to write like I did --- and I've come a long way since those humble days, as a musician and audio engineer. That said, I think "Voltage" will remain my all-time favourite from you (at least so far).
Hey man. This is really excellent work. You can tell that a lot of time and effort has gone into the writing and production. You have a great classic metal sound, a bit Testament-y production wise. You have a very interesting and aggressive vibrato technique which I'm quite into! It's very distinctive. Only slight criticism is that the drums are a tad mechanical but it actually suits the style quite well given how tight your rhythm playing is. Really great work. Not made it through the whole thing yet but definitely plan to!

Do you have audio files available for this anywhere? 

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1727230#8

Thanks for checking it out Richo! I did want to achieve a classic metal type of sound, so I welcome the production comparison! You are perhaps too kind to my vibrato though I use the tremolo as a crutch, which is something I started doing for a couple reasons. Reason 1- I could never quite get the wide range vibrato I wanted on the high E string without rolling off the fretboard. Reason 2- I find using the tremolo to get a wide range on a bent note can help if the bend is ever so slightly off pitch.

I'm going to check out your C4C now. If you want audio files I can happily send you MP3's, just PM me with an email and I will send.

Take care!