Hey everybody. Longtime lurker. I've been looking to UG for insight into guitar-related stuff for years now. A whole lot of that insight has been useless/delusional, but there's also a bunch of great stuff here too.

So today, I'm looking for advice on Steinberger gearless tuners. I bought a Firebird T not too long ago, and had it set up by a reputable tech instantly. (That's a longer story for a different time). But today is actually the first day I intend on changing the strings, of which I have no experience with. The gearless tuners, that is. I've looked at the instructions online at the Steinberger site, and it seems pretty common sense. Although they say something about the unwound stings needing silk or solder to really hold tune on big bends?

I've also read up on them before, amongst the guitar forums, which are a good resource. But most of those posts are old- most of them 5,6+ years. Some of them near 10. So what's the latest?
What are your guys experience with them? Anything I should be mindful of? Look out for? Remember to do, or not to do?

Thanks in advance,