Yesterday my mate brought in one of these for a set up:

The black version, he got it from the local hock shop for his 8 yo son. They are currently on special at Harvey Norman for Oz$179.

Bottom line - I couldn't find anything wrong with it:

The weight was medium, maybe 7lbs, much lighter than my 95 Gibson LP Special.

The neck felt very similar in width, profile and finish to my Gibson.

The fretwork was good, no sharp ends, fairly level, though the bevelling was a bit heavy handed. - But I've seen that on a new Martin. I was able to get the action down to 1.0 mm treble side, 1.9 mm bass side, 15th fret, without a lot of effort, with no fret rattles on what I think are 10-46 strings. With a bit more care, I could likely have got it lower.

The pickup sounded alright to me, medium output, resistance about 18 K ohms. I was surprised that string-to-string balance was very good with the poles set flat.

I had a quick look in the control cavity. The pots were full size MIK, the wiring was neat and heavy duty, and the tone cap was a metallised polyester type.

The tuners looked cheesy, with pressed metal covers, but they worked nice and smoothly, and some of the nut slots were a bit too high, but apart from that there was nothing obvious to complain about.

The neck is bolt-on, and I have no problem with that.

I know that these cheap Epis get a bad rap in this group, but this one looked very good to me, and I would be happy to use it.

EDIT. The resistance of the pickup suggests that it would be a good candidate for series/single/parallel switching if it is  four-wire type.
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