Not sure if this is the place to post this, but I'm having an embarrassing issue with my guitars and is really discouraging me to play.
Basically, this residue comes off my strings and down onto the scratch plate and fretboard, I haven't changed strings and I've found that I have picked up a sweating problem, is there anything I can do to stop this? Thanks. (Invalid img)
Change your strings more often. Wipe them off with a cloth after each time you play. Wash your hands before you play. 
Those strings are so old and rusty that I'm not surprised you're having those problems. Change them immediately.

You need to change your strings more often. I change strings on the guitars I regularly play every 3 weeks to a month. As roc has suggested, always wash your hands before, and wipe down the strings after each play session.

I think Jim Dunlop makes a string cleaning product that also helps to extend string life.
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Buy cheap strings and change them often. 
I played in an acoustic duo with a guy who's sweat would destroy strings every time we played, even @ rehearsal, so he had to change his strings even if he played for a couple hours. Just happens with some people. Try to buy in bulk. You can usually get a bit of a discount. Something like this Guitar Center, but there are better prices, I'm sure.
Nothing you can do about the sweat but clean hands will help for sure also you need to change strings more often and learn to recognise when it is time to change strings just because they aren't breaking don't mean they not bad.

Wipe them down thoroughly after every use but since you sweat alot you will need to wipe down the bridge, pickups, and basically the whole front of the guitar if not everytime at least every other time and less often your tuning machines.

Just wiping your strings will not prevent your bridge and pickup pole pieces from getting crusty and rusting from the looks of that tremolo in your picture it looks like it hasn't been wiped down in, well ever. There is no excuse for that.

Another by-product of the sweating is gunk on the fretboard so you need to give it a good cleaning as well when you change the strings at least wipe it down with a cloth while the strings are off.
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I sweat quite a bit but not in my hands (fortunately) even so I suggest you just get use to cleaning your strings every time you play. I know there are many decent string cleaning products but the ones that work best for me are Erie Ball "Wonder Wipes". A box of eight packaged wipes cost $1.99 (Sam Ash, Guitar Center, Musicians Friend etc.). I bought a lot of them when Musicians Friend had a "Stupid Deal of the Day" where they were $1.49 a box. I threw a few in each of the cases I use to go out on gigs so I can wipe down my strings after each job. It helps quite a bit.
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+1 to wiping the strings and washing your hands. Depending on how much of an issue it is you may also want to keep your guitar in a case when it's not in use.

Another suggestion, you might want to try coated strings. They work for some people, myself included, and depending on how often you play they can save you a lot of money. They tend to cost 50%-100% more than regular strings but in my experience they easily last longer than regular strings. I like Elixirs, other people get better results with Ernie Ball Cobalts.
I would change your strings asap as they are completely rusty, even under the residue. Ideally, you'll want to change your strings once a month, 2 months TOPS if you can away with it. If your hands sweat more, do it more frequently like once every 3 weeks. (This is all on the guitar you play the most.)

Alongside changing your strings more frequently, wash your hands before you play and try wiping the strings off after you play. Some people's hands sweat more than others, so this will help out a bit.
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