Poll: Which IR sounds best? (multiple choice allowed)
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#7 they all sound bad
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Voters: 4.
Trying to help a buddies' budding IR business.
I loaded some of his IRs in Amplitube 3 as well as some commercial ones that I use regularly and put them up to get some opinions.
Here's some high gain stuff with 6 IRs:

Let me know which one you like, if you can elaborate why that'd also be helpful.

I'll reveral the IRs in more detail in a week or two.

Thank you for your help!
Ok here's my thoughts.

1 sounds muddy and has some nasty high end.
2 sounds good, nice and tight.
3 sounds similar to 2 but not quite as good.
4 sounds too harsh, has some static fizz in the high end.
5 is pretty good but sounds a bit duller than the others.
6 is the best one all round IMO.

They are all usable I think, the worst one I would say is number 4 though. If I had to pick my favourite 3 it would be 6, 2 and 5.
Can you put them in a mix with EQ and compression? 

Sounding good =/= good in a mix as you know.
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My vote goes for number 2. I feel it has the best clarity with a good low end. Runner up is number 6.
1. Zombie cabs 6L6 amp Celestion G12 Sennheiser e609mic
2. God's Cab MD421 TS1 1 in. from cab
3. Zombie cabs 6V6 amp Celestion G12 Sennheiser e609mic
4. Zombie Cab EL34 Celestion G12 Sennheiser e609mic
5. Catharsis 1on_pres8
6. Zombie Cabs EL84 Celestion G12 Sennheiser e609mic

Zombie cab are my buddies' impulses.

the chemist not at this point but you're totally right, it is a different scenario, if you listen to some bands, say Randy RHodes' guitar tracks by themselves, they sound pretty tiny but once you pump up the whole mix, it is "wow" moment