Hi! Does anyone have hands-on experience with this Russian, hand-built JCM 800 clone (or so they say)? I like the brand - I have a Yerasov GTA-15J, which is a great little Fender-y amp - but I have no opportunity to try the Hammerhead in the country where I live. Guitar & Bass Magazine gave it a very favorable review, but the lack of "Internet buzz" about this amp makes me hesitate ordering it without trying it first. The few YouTube clips of it are of quite poor quality, and everything is in Russian.

I'd appreciate all info about this interesting 50 watt head!
I doubt many have any experience with Yerasovs around here. They have not spread outside of russia very much from what I have seen.

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^ A few people on the Fretboard forum (UK guitar forum) have Yerasovs, but I think they're the one you already have, the GTA-15. I haven't tried any of them, I know they have a pretty decent rep (I think), but other than that
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