So, I've challenged myself to upload a new guitar riff EVERY DAY for the next YEAR!

If anyone else feels like joining in please do!  
You could also just go for one every week, month, quarter... or even year  

No rules; any genre, any style, any length- this is the fun part. It can knock you out of a rut and get you thinking in a less stock/predictable sort of way. I mean, who wants to be bored of their own playing, right?!?!

Will be popping videos in the video section, so as not get all spammy up in here, but here's the riffs so far:

[url="(Invalid video video code);list=PLYhEisv6jlbvjQ7ocHhjGwH64dTYN5jf6&index=2];list=PLYhEisv6jlbvjQ7ocHhjGwH64dTYN5jf6&index=2

Take it easy dudes, hope some of youse join in with this riff madness!
This sounds like a job for jrcsgtpeppers
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There shall be a stop to this madness. The battle is not over. My tasty licks aren't going anywhere.

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This sounds like a job for jrcsgtpeppers

Activate the Peppers Signal!
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JbfMusic Good way to stimulate writing, m8 :thumbsup:

I wonder how often pavvlick took this challenge upon himself.

k.lainad In the spirit of our cross-legged hero: No, jrcsgtpeppers is above such lowly concepts as 'riffs.' Riffs are for you losers who are stuck in a rut, who think that because they put a chord progression together and added a note or two it qualifies as a 'riff.' And anyway, 'riffs' are for complete guitar illiterates anyway. If you want a job for jrcsgtpeppers, just ask for him to transpose only the most technical legatos up and down his neck, up and down, up and down, until his guitar headstock explodes in a screaming orgasm of shreddy shred shred. Your oh-so-cool Joe Perrys and Brad Whitfords can keep their 'riffs.'
Yeah, should be good. The main plan is to avoid heavy critique and write make stuff, you know? There'll be a lot of average ideas but I'm trying not to judge them and just see what happens, in the hope that more interesting riffs bubble to the surface