Hi, So lately I've been thinking about buying a Joe trohman Squier telecaster. 

My budget is around $800 and I'm wonder what amp should i get to match the guitar I would buy in the future (the tele mentioned earlier).

Just some facts :

-I love the sound of the marshall JCM 800 lead series
- the orange dark series
- peavy 6505
- I like the powerful mid range, puncy kinda sound. 
And I enjoy punk music and some hard rock/ heavy metal which sometimes has alot of palmutes.

Obviously, I am looking for combo amps. But If there are some head + cabinet combo below $500, then maybe i might consider
Jet City.  A slam dunk for your tones at a very fair price.  Available in 20w and 50w.
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Quote by Cajundaddy
Jet City.  A slam dunk for your tones at a very fair price.  Available in 20w and 50w.

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if you have a tight budget, the orange 35RT would be an excellent fit. The CR60 would too if you want a head/cab
Carvin apparently discontinued their SX series solid state amps. You might want to check them out in the used market. I'm seeing 100watters under $300.

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