There are literally millions of instructional books and dvd's out there, just wondering if anybody knows of some that are really good. I'm more interested in dvds and books than anything online. Something that would lead a beginner into the intermediate level.

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Not sure what your level is, but John Pettrucci's "Rock Discipline" video is among the best out there - it tackles many great basic exercises - he's meticulous and it's got some great material. 

He's the guitarist from Dream Theater.
Check out Pebber Brown on YouTube, he was Bucketheads teacher. He's pretty honest and tells it like it is. 
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Definitely know Pettrucci, but this is the first I've seen any of his instructional stuff. I sure as heck liked what I saw just in the first few seconds, but doing youtube lengthy periods of time is not an option, so I ordered "Rock discipline". Amazon had it for $35, got it from an online book store for $19 + shipping. Wonder why places like GC don't carry it, they seem to love that Hal Leonard guy.

Pebber Brown is a trip man, I like him though, he got me straight on my picking. Thanks
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