I bought an 8-string recently and the low F# is decent when dropped to an E, but sustains no sound when dropped to a D. I was told this would not be possible on a 27" scale and that I'd have to get a 30" scale to sustain a note that low. Am I screwed?

The low string that came with the guitar is .074 gauge
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If the ferrule holes in your tuning heads are large enough, you can put whatever size string (and thus tune practically however low you want)
Thicker strings have a different timbre though, which is why ERG's usually have extended lengths- you can use thinner strings to reach a lower pitch, so it actually still sounds like a guitar and not a distorted bass

I play a 27'' in drop E with a .080, it's tight enough for me but I pick fairly hard. Optimal string tension is subjective
Thanks for your response. I wouldn't mind a more bassy sound, do you have any idea what kind of string I'd have to buy? I don't know much about strings

Your 27" in Drop E, is that a 6-string?
You're probably gonna have to buy a separate pack for your 6 or 7 strings and then buy a single string for your 8 (and maybe 7)th string.
I use a standard d'addario 7 string set (10's) and buy the .080 as a separate guitar string (also d'addario)

my 27" is an 8 string- agile 827

Look around on your local dealer's website and see what they have in terms of singles, should be a single string that would fit you- you're probably looking at 080 to 088 gauge 
kalium and string joy can sell you up to something like a .90

a 90 should be pretty good.
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