My in-op guitar amps are filling up the basement. I have a Bugera 333xl that has a switching problem that is not the foot switch. I have a B-52 that has a low output.
I have a Peavy head that needs a clean up and ops check (the Peavy was given to me in 2007,was told it works but it has a scratchy,fuzzy sound.)
Please help me find a good and reasonably priced repair shop. 
There is only one guitar/repair shop in Terre Haute. The owner of the shop is cranky and obnoxious I can't do business with him.

I can travel a 100 mile range that would include,Indianapolis,Bloomington Indiana and Champaign,Bloomington, Illinois.

Please help my e-mail electenv@yahoo.com
                     my telephone 812-249-3823

                                            Thank You,
Probably not the smartest thing to put your zip, email and phone here on the internet friend. You're asking for trouble.

Hopefully somebody close to you can help.
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You should really get your phone number off of the internet...

If you're willing to drive to Indy, I'm sure there are amp repair places. Just start calling around to the music shops there. There is boutnd to be a Guitar center there. Call them and ask who is local and who they would recommend.