I have big meaty hands, and sausage fingers . I can hit G#m  ,  but any thing requiring more accurate finger placements i mute strings,or my fingers just cant  bent to reach the note. 
I've been practicing barre chord about 3 months. 
Been playing 14 years but usually just doing riffs and half decent solo peices.
Trying to become a well rounded guitarist.

Any feedback is always appreciated 
Strength in the fingers sounds like it might be your problem. What I would suggest is practicing with the just the index finger barre are first, just to help develop enough strength to barre all six strings with just the index finger. Then I would suggest playing a barre chord and picking each note individually to work out which notes are muted, and then fix those ones. Once it's fixed, just try and keep your fingers in that position for a while so the hands can get used to the strain from that position, after while you'll find your fingers become stronger and able to hold that in shape in place. Do that for each type of chord shape in the CAGED system.

Finally, work on some single transitions between two barre chords of different shapes. Just rock back and forth between these two chord shapes for a while to work on transitioning between barre chords. 

It will suck at first and will probably hurt quite a bit, but after a while it will become second nature and you won't feel anything at all. 

Hope that has helped a little! Good luck dude  
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bass wizard yes it helps. thank you.

No worries man. Plenty of exercises for it on YouTube and the like!