Whats the quality like on Indonesian Squires? Seen a used one today, cream with rosewood fretboard and had Seymour Duncan JB Jr's in the neck and bridge. Could get it for around $115. Didnt plug it in, but it felt alright exept the fret edges were sharp.
I wouldn't worry too much about the country of origin, the model and the individual instrument are going to matter more. I've got a Deluxe from Indonesia that is excellent, but I've played plenty of not-so-good Deluxes from Indonesia and equal numbers of decent and shoddy Squiers from China. QC on cheap guitars like Squier usually means that you can't make meaningful generalizations about how well a single instrument is going to turn out. 

If you had the exact guitar in your hands, I'm not sure we're going to be able to tell you more than you already know. Fretwork isn't generally stellar on any factory Squier in my experience,