I've been looking into buying a Schecter Hellraiser as I hear a ton of great reviews from it. The thing is, I'm not a fan of active pickups so I'd prefer passive at the moment. I primarily want this because my strat hums because of single coils of course and felt like buying an axe with good humbuckers, primarily used for some metal but ultimately I like versatility.

I hope I don't get hate for this but EMGs are good for metal and just bad for everything else and since I don't intend to solely play metal on this guitar I'm looking into others. I found a C-1 classic, which seems alright but I haven't had the chance to listen to the pups too much. The C-1+ seems like a nice guitar too but the pickups are duncan designed? Not too sure how good those are.

I'm not only buying schecters though I do find them to be great guitars at my budget of no more than $1000 usd at the moment. I'm sure there are a myriad of options so I would enjoy seeing what suggestions people have so I can try them out myself. My preference is just jumbo frets to medium jumbo, no floyd, passives that I wont need to change (I like to let the guitar be) and to be perfectly honest I love guitars with nice inlays and nice finishes..looks matter too eh? 
I'm sure Schecter experts will be here soon to help you find one. In the meantime, I'll suggest Fernandes.
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I bought a schecter about a year ago - one of the older blackjack atx models. The model has Seymour duncan blackouts not EMG's and imo they sound excellent clean as well as distorted, definitely versatile. I'm not sure if schecter still put those in their current range but perhaps you could get a used one?
My only gripe with the pickups is that when i switch guitars i have to turn the gain way down on my amp or the put the guitar volume controls really low because these pickups are way higher output than my passive humbuckers on my other guitars.
there's some nice blackjack models that come with passive seymour duncans. they're new old stock and are all over ebay,reverb and sometimes amazon.
schecter is not the only brand ya' know.

i personally don't care for schecters, but you want what you want and that is all that matters.

at that budget pick up a used ibanez prestige (different guitar entirely) pick up on of them used. the high tier has dimarzios and they are a leap ahead of schecter on quality. from my experience.
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Schecter makes a passive version of the Hellraiser line. I haven't tried them out, but they look basically identical to the EMG-loaded variants except with Schecter's own pickups in them (USA-made, not the licensed designs from their low-end models). And google seems to suggest that those are pretty solid pickups, though, again, not having tried them myself I can't say how versatile they are or how much I'd like their sound in person. Might be worth checking out, though, if you like the Hellraisers but don't want EMGs. 

(Tangent: Way back in 2007 or so a Hellraiser was my first really good guitar, but I couldn't get on with the pickups or the glossy neck and sold it; coincidentally I've been feeling a bit nostalgic for it lately and looking at picking one up on the used market, it's the only gear I've gotten rid of and really regretted doing so.)
the stleath c1 is pretty good if you are on a budget
the km and banshees are passives as well.
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