So there are many tabs for Chuck Berry's Sweet Little Sixteen but I understand he plays it with some licks and chords in between like in his 1972 performance in London. I haven't found a tab that covers these licks, but there is one set of chords that I am interested in particular.

The chord lick I am interested in is from 2:10 to 2:12

Thanks for you co-operation .
To me it sounds like the chords are Eb D Eb9.

The idea behind this lick is chromatically descending major thirds (Eb G -> D F# -> Db F). The D major is just a "passing chord" between the Eb and Eb9. The Eb9 functions as the dominant of Ab major (IV in the key of Eb major) and makes the chord change (to Ab major) sound smoother.

If you want a tab, it would be something like this (probably not 100% accurate, but you'll get the idea):
   Eb    D Eb9
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