Any idea how to get the kind of a tone as in this video

It sounds aggressive, but is very tame and nice, though how do you achieve such? What gear you'd recommend?
To be honest when it comes to dialing specific tones, I'm not really the best in such. Anyone has tips for learning to find those different tones or is really the only way to do so to dial until you know what does what? Usually when I try to dial a good tone for hours i'll just end up having a headache though I have a hybrid-tube amp so no idea if the kind of crappiness could be due to a worn tube or something? 

Thanks for all the help in advance, sorry for the newbie trashposting!
His tone isn't anything too special..it shouldn't be hard to dial in a tone like that.

I hope i'm not stating the obvious or anything, but it looks like he's using Seymour Duncans, I don't know what kind, but probably any ceramic pickup from them would do well for metal... and his amp looks like some model of a Roland Cube. I don't know which one either, but it almost looks like a Microcube from the shape of the amp knobs.

What kind of amp do you have?
It sounds like some sort of a recto model. Fuzzy, dry sounding, loose....personally I hate it which is why I sold my single recto. Recto model, moderate gain, scoop out the mids and you're halfway there.