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5 38%
8 62%
Voters: 13.
No. But the few times I have snored I've had weird dreams in which I was snoring/my nose was being even more useless than normal. 

Anyone who snores regularly/snores when sleeping on their side should probably get a nose or head transplant
I have nothing important to say

But I've been told by friends at sleep-overs that I talk in my sleep. I say random things and mumble, must be when I'm having a nightmare.
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Never been told I have but I feel like I might do in certain sleeping positions. I'm fairly certain I won't if I sleep on my side, which I do..

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yes every night of my entire life i go to bed crying because i wasnt born american
I have yet to be informed that I do.
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Yep, have been hit over the head with numerous pillows by partners who get annoyed by it.
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Yep, have been hit over the head with numerous pillows by partners who get annoyed by it.

lmao I've been pushed off of beds

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