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So I had this idea to use 2 guitar cabinets and a bass cabinet as a speaker setup for a potential home theater/man cave. Is it possible?
I was thinking I could somehow split the signal into a left, right, and sub-woofer channel (maybe something for higher frequencies if needed), and then use adapters to plug the resulting cables into the amps. Or would it just be better to set up a dedicated audio system for that and a separate preamp/cab combo for the guitar? 

At this point, it's still a thought so pricing doesn't matter, but I would appreciate resources on how to set this up. 

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anything's possible but the guitar cabinets won't sound good. You might have a better chance with the bass cabinet but I wouldn't bother.
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Diamond Dave Thanks. Thought it might sound as good as/better than a traditional setup and could double as guitar speakers for when I'm playing. 

yeah, unfortunately speakers aren't that versatile.
My man cave sound system basically runs from the PC to interface to powered mixer then out to other speaker monitors,  Actually one of those is a home entertainment speaker cabinet, This also leaves me room to do a lot of other crazy shit if I wish,   Problem you run into using a guitar amp as your power amp is it flavors the sound,  Kinda like why someone buys a Marshall amp, its that Marshall sound ,  Bass amps are along the lines of a PA or acoustic amp as they're pretty neutral and don't really add much flavor if at all.   Same thing applies to speakers, Generally speakers designed for guitar amps are voiced for electric guitar, and bass guitar speakers really don't do a good job with higher frequencies,  If you've noticed the big speaker monitors also use a horn,  yea that's for the high frequencies,   Sure what you have in mind will work, Thing is it wont sound as good as a real home entertainment system,   Damn, I remember calling them Hi Fi or stereo systems,  
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