Where do I start? I'd like to find some students but my entire acquaintance circle is of other musicians.
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brother wolf,,,,

what are you strong points..what styles .. can you communicate abstract ideas well..do you know the current "music" world..do you know how to play it

my approach is jazz fusion blues / theory / harmony ..so Im strong on diatonic harmony chord construction inversions scales arps subs in all 12 keys and all positions..not much into the current music thing..so I don't teach "how to play songs" or how to play "speed" so in doing so a lot of the "I want to play like steve vai" in two weeks or the how to play a Dream Theatre solo kids are not considered..my main demographic is mostly intermediate players of 5 to 7 years..that want to understand the mechanics of harmony better and understanding how to improvise over progressions that include a lot of altered dominate and symmetric structures in them..and Im organized to a fault..

gold star on my résumé--studied with Ted Greene for two years .. most don't know who he was..
play well

Without inquiring as to whether teaching is a good idea for you... you can always just put up an ad on Craigslist or whatever equivalent is in your area. Put up a poster at a local guitar shop. Order business cards and hand them around. Just tell people you teach guitar when you're out and about.

If you're in a rural area you'll probably have a slow go at it, but the only way to get students is to go out and find them.
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Considering that you're a regular on the site and all that I'll spare you the whole "but are you qualified to teach?" speech like cdgraves did and just give you a couple of ideas.

1. this is obvious, but social media is the thing today. Do you use twitter or instagram or other platform that has a high chance of people following you that don't even necessarily know you personally? Just drop a quick ad on twitter and you might get some attention. (always a good idea to make a tinder profile for your business as well )

2. ask around and tell people that you'd like to teach. Maybe your musician friend has a child/nephew/niece/other relative that wants to get into it, and you could help with that.

3. I think graves' "put up a poster at your local guitar shop" is a solid idea. That's bound to catch the attention of at least some beginners.
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