Hey folks, I'm trying to figure out where I can find a replacement bridge for an old Korean Ibanez. To my understanding its an Ibanez RG EX 140. Had I not aquired it for free I don't think I would have ever paid for it. It's a cheap guitar but, I'm trying to bring some life back into it by pretty much gutting the thing and installing new electronics and hardware. The bridge assembly right now is actually cracking on the block. It's a two point tremolo bridge but its hard to say whether its a standard swap for a strat style 2 point for example.

Anyone familiar with these and where I could obtain a nice replacement?

approximate dimensions
From point to point where it makes contact with the screws on top of the guitar about 65mm

Block width abourt 70mm

Widest part about 82 mm

Saddle edge to saddle edge about 62 mm
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