Hello UG community,
I'm new to this forum, but wanted to share one of my projects with you guys.

I wanted to add some percussive instruments to my solo performances as a singer and guitarist. After some thinking and trying out different stuff I decided on a suitcase drum and a tambourine, both played with my feet.

I mounted a piezo element on the inside of the lid of the case and run the signal directly to a guitar output jack. After that I cut the lows and mids with an EQ pedal, then it goes straight to the PA. The suit itself is supported by a wooden frame inside so it doesn't break from sitting on it.
The first gig went pretty good. Only got good comments about it, but I'm not happy with how I built it.

You can see pictures of it in the PDF I attached to this post. everything I need for a gig fits perfectly inside the case and my guitar bag. Pretty conveinient to use the "drum" to carry around my other stuff.

QUESTIONS: Yes, I still have some questions and hope you guys are able to help me. 1. Should I screw a wooden plate on the inside of the lid to cover the piezo and sandwich it between plate and lid? Would that influence the sound? 2. Would it be better to solder in a low-pass-filter instead of the EQ pedal? Or should I stay with the pedal? Maybe both together, filter and pedal?
3. Is it possible to isolate an area where the piezo picks up the vibrations of the case? Cause it picks up when I move around on the top of the case, but it's not noticable while playing though.
4. Can you isolate the case from the floor with as minimal of a thickness as possible? So that the case doesn't transmit the vibrations of the stage floor to the pickup?
------If I have more questions I'll add them later.

If you are interested in how I build this whole thing from start to finish, I can write up an small guide for it if you guys want to.

Best wishes Christian  
Suitcase drum.pdf