I've been eyeing some EB musicman guitars which I can't afford at the moment but then i found sterling musicman which are around the 800 dollar price range. Compared to EB I'm sure that they're not AS good but how about against other guitars in their price range? do they fare well?
A friend of mine has one of the Sterling Petrucci models and it plays quite well. It may not be a Ball Family Reserve but it certainly holds it's own against just about everything else in the price range.
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They seem to be hard to find locally, so I can't say much. I have heard some pretty good things, and I have considered buying one (went PRS SE instead). I have an EBMM Silhouette and have also had a Albert Lee HH, and it is hard to imagine anything being that solid, but the Sterling line seems not to be cutting corners. I wouldn't hesitate to buy one based on quality concerns.
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i've like all the ones i've tried. even the lower end ones seem to be pretty decent guitars. 
For their "budget line" EBMM's Sterling stuff has been one of those that just blows the competition away. 
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justinguitar.com is the answer
The fancy top ones are probably overprices, but the old $500ish stealth JP-70s were great for the money.
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Since i got a Sterling by Music Man guitar ive found the sound im looking for, best profile necks , i think the JP line is the most comfortable and great sounding guitars for the affordable budget friendly price
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