I have a Boss Katana 2X100 amp and I have a good rhythm and clean tone. But my lead tone sounds really bad, I'm kinda looking for a tone like this ;t=474s
Any suggestions?

Thanks Guys
For a good lead tone I usually boost my rhythm channel with an OD pedal, or simply turn up the gain on my amp to give it a smoother character. However, sculpting the EQ is the first thing you want to do. Making sure theres treble but only just enough treble. Turn the mids JUST below the point where your amp starts to sound like an old time radio. And turn the bass down just low enough to keep resonance tight, but not so low that you lose body. That's how I approach it anyway.
You won't get a tone like that with the amp you have.
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ronenrat I think BOSS has a user library of presets you can access. Try some from there. http://bosstonecentral.com/

Try using your rhythm tone, hit it with one of the Katana's internal OD's (use a TS9 if you can choose that), put a bit of delay and reverb on it, and you are set.
Quote by romeozdistress
You won't get a tone like that with the amp you have.
I would argue that exactly like, no. But like in the sense of similar enough, yes.
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This tone sounds to me like the standard Yngwie Malmsteen early lead tone with less echo. See if you can dial up on the Katana the following chain:

Tubescreamer or DOD 250 overdrive for a mild boost
Marshall Plexi or 1979 amp set on crunch (think AC/DC)
Speakers - 4x12 or 8x12, or if you can go stereo, miked with DYN421
Stick in an eq here or tweak the amp's eq for a bit more flutey tone (low mid boost) or play on neck pickup.
Then apply some stereo echo from the effects (delay) and a touch of hall reverb.