These pickups are both in the output range I like (12k) and made with my favorite mag (A5). But I'd like to know more about them before I buy one so that I can avoid the problem I had with my last pickup the SD Perpetual Burn; which was that it was just a touch too shrill on the treble strings for my liking, especially when playing leads. I tried putting a pickup cover on it, which helped balance the EQ magnificently, however I didn't like the way the PU cover muffled the pick attack. So I've learned to stick with open coils, but I need something with a touch more output to smooth out the treble strings a bit. My two contenders are the SD Pegasus and the BKP Emerald. Anyone had any experience with either or both of these? Would you describe one as "shrill" or maybe lacking output? Any hands-on info about the pickups would be appreciated! BTW, the guitar in use is a Gibson SG with a fixed bridge.
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