I had the chance a couple of days ago, to visit the Songbirds Guitar Museum, which opened three weeks ago in Chattanooga Tennessee. It was AMAZING!!!


If you get the chance to visit this shrine to guitars, I highly recommend it. The main room alone is worth the visit. But by all means, pay a little extra and take the guided tour, which includes "The Vault." You'll most likely never get the chance, to be up close and personal, with many rare and iconic guitars and equipment.

I'm adding a few pictures now and may add more later. Sorry about the picture quality. All I had along was my crappy phone. But I'm sure you'll be able to get the idea, of the quality of the experience.


Who did this belong to?

I wish I was able to get a better pic of this beauty. Body and neck made of solid korina wood, as a trade show demo in the earl 60's.

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nice guitars
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Love that yellow (blonde?) Tele

If you'll look closely, that Tele has flowers in the finish. It was created by Fender in the mid 60's. The flowers glow under a black light. It was the time of Flower Power.
At first I thought it'd be some shitty small thing in the middle of Bumhole, Nowhereland but this is a very nice collection of vintage guitar porn. Nice pics, too.

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At first I thought it'd be some shitty small thing in the middle of Bumhole, Nowhereland but this is a very nice collection of vintage guitar porn. Nice pics, too.

It's actually quite an amazing collection. This is copied and pasted from their page linked above.

  • Exhibits showcase music history from the 1930s through the 1970s
  • Over 300 classic American acoustic and electric instruments manufactured from the 1920’s thru the 1970’s on display at once.
  • Over 1,700+ fretted instruments in our constantly growing anthology
  • Over 30 Gibson Sunburst Les Paul guitars from 1958 through 1960. Some of the most expensive of their kind. Considered by many to be the Holy Grail of electric guitars!
  • Over 300 custom color Fender guitars– a complete rainbow of color. Many of these are one-of-a-kind!
  • Over 75 custom color Gibson Firebird guitars– even more scarce than the Fender custom colors.
  • Dozens of other Gibson custom color guitars including many ES model thinline guitars and archtop guitars.
  • An outstanding collection of both solid body and hollow body Gretsch guitars
  • Over 45 classic “Bluegrass” flattops, flathead original five string banjos, mandolins, and the like representing the best of Martin, Gibson and other manufacturers.

I'm hoping that someone with better camera equipment and photography skills will visit the place and post better pics at some point.
Here's another  batch of pix from Songbirds Guitar Museum. The building is HUGE and packed with display cases.

Cool, but a bit of a shame. They were made to be played after all.
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I got to strum a few chords on a 58' Gibson Les Paul Maple Top Sunburst. I'll probably never get the chance to do that again in my lifetime. For about six seconds, I got to play a guitar God's guitar. IT WAS AWESOME!!!
I have always liked the white and tortoise Burns it would be perfect for some instrumental surf music!
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