Hi guys,

 Title paints much of the picture. I've recently completed a Music Technology degree, which was cool and everything, but the workload meant I had to pretty much shelve the guitar for the past two years. I'm trying to get my chops back together before I start teaching guitar and one thing i've noticed is my speed has decreased massively, has anyone else gone through something similar? Does anyone have any good alternate picking exercises for building my speed back up? 

Thanks in advance!  

Edit: My bad, didn't see the sticky at the top! Apologies.
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Try David Reffet's "Metal and Thrash Rhythm Guitar" DVD.  I go over the first few chapters at a very slow place with a metronome around 66 bpm for at least 5 minutes straight and then I take a break before going at it again building up speed.  Be sure to stretch before starting.  hope this helps.