So I'm looking at getting a new guitar, specifically this one ( http://www.guitarcenter.com/Epiphone/Les-Paul-Custom-PRO-Left-Handed-Electric-Guitar.gc ), and I know I'm going to need a better amp if the I'm actually going to notice a difference between it and my current guitar (a cheap ibanez gio).

I'm looking at getting a 20W fender mustang V2. Would this be a good enough amp to go with the better guitar or would I need to look for something better? and if so what?

BTW my current amp is just an ibanez GTA 15R.

Budget wise I'm just trying to keep it around 100$ but I'd be open to going higher if it's really worth it.
You'll find much more versatility from the Mustang. You will be able to do all of your settings from the computer, and you'll be pleasantly surprised when provided a copy of Ableton Live for free where you can record directly over USB. Perfect choice so long as you're just practicing in your room.
I love the higher end Epiphone Les Paul guitars. If your are looking for that chunky Les Paul sound, that guitar is a good pic. The Mustang amp is a good amp and for the same price you might want to check out the BOSS Katana 50. It's the same price and sounds great.

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I don't think the Mustang is your best shot. i had a student with one and after helping him edit presets still pretty vanilla.

if you want heavier tone, Peavey vip
if you want good low to mid gain and valvetronix
I haven't tried a katana, but the demos look good.
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I have to agree the Peavey modellers sound better than the Fender Mustangs, I comtemplated a Mustang once but upon demoing it I found it to be really bland, I ended up waiting until tax time and going for a tube head. The Peavey Vipers sound pretty good as far as budget modellers go.
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Based on what I've heard listening to side-by-side demos, I have to agree that the Peavey VIP Vyper series is superior to the Fender Mustang series for overall sound and versatility. Granted, no modeling amp is as good as any of the amps it models. But they're usually close enough for rock and roll. And sometimes the quantity of different emulated sounds has a quality all it's own. 
I have a Fender Mustang I. Granted, I changed the speaker which gave it a bit more personality. I also have a Peavey Vypyr VIP 2 and in hindsight I probably should have gotten a VIP 1 instead of the Mustang. 
Amp choice is pretty dependent on the music you want to make, and you have not said so we are fumbling in the dark.  A metal maniac will choose a very different rig from a classic rocker, bluegrass picker, or jazzer.  Who are your favorite guitar influences and is this for home use or possible jams and gigs? 
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I had a Gio, upgraded, then got a new amp, then realized, I could have maybe just got a new amp. Love my NG, but the amp I got is the quarterback of the team. Now I'm stuck wondering what the GIO could have potentially been.

I don't actually think there is anything wrong with the Gio.
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