Hey guys, so the title says it all. I have 2 C214s, an SM57, and a Behringer C1 (a shitty LDC). Im not totally green, I know a bit about recording technique, but I always feel better if I get some input from others. My kits pretty shitty, so I'm not expecting super great quality to begin with. It's only a snare, kick, one rack tom, one floor tom, hi hats, a crash/ride, and a cowbell. My thought was the two C214s as overheads, the SM57 on the snare, and the C1 for the bass drum (I have the front head off, does that change how I should mic it?) Style wise I'm going for a kinda cool jazz approach, so brush work, not super driving, if I do use sticks it'd be relatively light.
Do you guys have any tips for me? Anything I'm planning to do that maybe I shouldn't?
Well if you have the time i'd experiment all around cause you'll probably end up doing that anyway. Depending on the rooms acoustics and what not you may need to put the mic almost in the bass drum.  See how it sounds to put your over heads in front of and behind the kit.. you may only need them unless you are looking to micromanage each drum. And again this is all depending on the rooms acoustics and also how you want your recorded drums to sound. 
I don't think I can fit the mics behind the kit, its in a corner. The ceiling has a weird angle, whichll either help me or completely ruin the sound. The more I think about it the more I think I can do it with only overheads. My cymbals are shit so I don't use them too often, and the bass drum has a really big sound. I might have to put the 57 on the snare for brushwork though
Pic Related; My crappy kit and the weird ceiling angle behind it 

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i would say to take the over heads and try them. Maybe put one on each dresser. make sure your floor tom isnt touching your dresser too..and you might need the one for your kick depending on acoustics...you may need to hang a thin blanket or towel where your Reservoir Dogs poster is to dampen sound if you think the angle is hurting your sound. You also look like you have enough room to have the kit facing other ways so you can play with sound that way.  And get a front head!! hahaha (thats just an unrelated personal opinion)