It's a solid state amp so don't expect great results with OD's.  Other types should be alright.  I never liked distortion pedals thru it though.

I had the crush 35rt for over a year.  Solid sounding amp.
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Quilter amps are solid state, but they're not modelers. Though they're voiced for more mainstream tones, they can certainly do metal with the right pedals. Yes, including ODs.

Here's a guy demoing the Friedman BE-OD pedal through a Quilter 101 Mini Amp head.

That or their newly introduced MicroBlock 45 would would probably do you just fine. And as I recall, both have headphone jacks, so you wouldn't need a cab immediately.

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diajkeene For home use, it will be just fine. It doesn't have an effects loop so you'll have to put the pedals in front. So if you want to use time based effects you might want to consider the 35RT which has an effects loop.