Sorry I'm a bit new to rack stuff but I know that you can combine amps with a/b/y style rack units I just don't know what to get. I've been using the radial bones a/b/y boxes but I'm trying to clean up my rig before going back out tour in a few weeks so I'm trying to minimize everything to racks and midi. I need something to run at least two amps at the same time. My budget is wide open but I'd like to know as many options as possible, cheap to expensive.

Thank you
Something like this maybe: http://ampete.com/products/switcher-series/ampete-221/
It's not rackmount, but it looks pretty compact.

Or this if you need to switch cabs: http://ampete.com/products/switcher-series/ampete-222/

They both switch effects from one amp's loop to the other also.
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