I would need advice about which electric guitar should I buy as a beginner and that it is still good? 
What do you think about this Ibanez RGR 220 DX for 162 € or this Yamaha RGX420S (http://www.njuskalo.hr/elektricne-gitare/yamaha-rgx420s-elektricna-gitara-oglas-21673547 ) for 135€?
Also, what amplifier should I buy? I need it only for my room, most time I would have headphones.
If you have more advice for a beginner (like which pick to choose?) please share it

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I'd go for the Ibanez and for a budget amp maybe a Peavey Vyper 30.
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I would choose the ibanez . But that's because I'm a bigger fan of ibanez. You should buy what plays and sounds better to you . Personally I wouldn't buy a tremolo guitar as a beginner guitar . But that's just me , they are a pain to setup and are harder to maintain . But if you really want a tremolo go for it