Hi guys.
I was wondering if anyone could help me with the following setup.  I have recent purchased the ZW solderless kit with the EMG 81 - 85 pickups. When I took my guitar apart I noticed that the switch I have is a 5 way import blade, it has the 8 lugs all on the same side like this:

The EMG diagram I was planning to use was this one:

But unfortunately my switch is different. I do realise that it would be easier to purchase a 3 way switch or 3 way toggle, but if I am able to use my switch that would be great.

I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction or to a wiring diagram or this set with a 5 way import switch. The setup I am hoping to have is the 85 in the bridge, the 81 in the neck, one volume, one tone and the 5 way switch with the pickups in the following positions:

1 Bridge
2 both
3 both 
4 both 
5 Neck

Or similar if this is at all possible.  

Thank you for any help in advance.
The switch on the pic u posted is a 3 way selector switch.
Just to be sure check how many positions can your switch go.
If its the one on the pic then the two center lugs (from left to right 4&5) ar wired with green.
White wire goes 1&2 ,red is 7&8 . all the other -3&6 remain empty/you dont wire anithing on them.
the black wire goes anywhere on the schasie of the 3 way switch.
p.s. you can switch the positions of the red and white wires - itl just depend on what pickup you want to be active on what position(some like their bridge pickup when the switch points to neck ,some when the switch points to bridge)


if its not the 3way but a 5 way switch then report back
Hi Kristbubnjar, thank you for the reply. It can switch through 5 positions, sorry for the confusion, the switch looked similar in that picture.
Thanks once again, I will try the way you suggested and report my results.
Thank you for your help kristbubnjar, worked like a charm. I had a little issue in trying to get the ground cable soldered to the switch but got it eventually. Thanks once again.