Hello folks,

I want a little help with setting up a small guitar effect chain

I currently have a Zoom G1xon multi-effect processor but the problem is with the preset drives, and i really want to replace those preset drives/Dist with a single unit pedal and at the same time retain the processor for delays,mods and reverbs

So my question is will the single unit effect blend well with multi-effect processor?

And How do i set up the signal chain? Should i place the single unit first or keep it the bottom of the effect chain?

Also will booster pedals help in anyway in blending with the multi unit?

Or should i opt for buffer pedals to solve this problem?
Sorry i'm not so good with effects and pedals
Would appreciate your help
Put the pedal before the Zoom and setup the Zoom to have the delay and mods you want with out distortion.   
You don't want to mess with buffers or anything like this. Make sure you disable distortions and cab simulation on the Zoom, then plug your new distortion pedal in the chain before the Zoom. Have you considered what distortion pedal to get?
diabolical I looked over dozens of distortions and OD pedals but i dont know which pedal would suit best for a hybrid pedal board set ups and all
Personally I think you'd be better off customising the patches on your Zoom to use the on board distortions in conjunction with the amp sims & other effects.

Speaking as an owner of both the G1on and G3, they're both excellent pedals, but the amp sims don't take external drive pedals at all well.  They sound awful when used like that.

However, if you're talking about having your drives before an amp and then using the Zoom in the loop for those extra effects, the G3 is great for that.  You'd be able to set up the G1on nicely for it as well, but obviously it doesn't have the same level of flexibility as the G3.
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