Hey there,
I uploaded my first tab yesterday, of the mission UK's song Love me to Death, and although it says it's pending, it doesn't show up anywhere on the pending approvals page. 
I know it's not a very well known band and song but 5 years ago I really wanted to learn this song and was incredibly frustrated that I couldn't find tabs of it anywhere, now I have the skills to put it out there, so I really want it to be out there
What artist title did you put it under? If it's a new artist then it won't show up in the queue for you.
It could have gone under either of these artist names
I actually don't know why they can't just be under the name The Mission, I don't know what other band there is with the same name which is more popular. Will think about it (I can edit / change artist names for tabs).
NSpen1 there isn't a better known band known as the mission, but the name was taken anyway I think.
I changed the artist name to simply "Mission" now, but still doesn't show up.
It's not a new artist at all.
Yeah, that's what I thought.
"When the band planned to tour the USA in 1987, it was found that a Philadelphia R&B band had already claimed it and thus the band were known in the United States as The Mission UK thereafter."
But the US isn't the world, the tabs can be moved to "The Mission", I will do it sometime soon.
(I meant it might be a 'new' artist to the system, if you had put it under "The Mission" it might not be recognised)
Do you have the link to the page on which you changed the artist name? Might be able to find it from there, otherwise I'll have to ask someone else, or you can post here https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1701389 (um, if you can access that forum).
ok, I could ask them to check why it's not appearing in the queue but probably the best thing is if you can make a couple of changes, then I can approve it.
For the section near the end before the strumming chords part, you need a couple more notes at the end before going back to repeat it. And it repeats more, play 2 times, then play most of it again, up to the strum on the xx4035 before going to x76057.
Also if it's possible to separate it into bars that would be good.
Hi, I have the same problem, first tab uploaded with a new artist, it's in Pending but the tab doesn't appear in Pending approval list.
Can you help me?
Automagic gives this alert: "3.1.A. Missing chords", but it's incorrect becose the chords are there at the indicate lines. Can be this the problem?