Hello, hello!! ^_^

I'm a newbie bassist now, and a long time guitarist.
I own a guitar amp (Randal RG75 with a custom Scumback speaker in it), and just about nothing else remotely suitable for bass.
I would use this, but frankly - my concern for destroying the speaker with my bass outweighs the necessity.

I am looking to get the most bang for my buck when it comes to live shows (I have been relying on the good graces of fellow bassists until now).

I am looking to know any recommendations for an affordable, and reliable DI or sansamp style box I can use on stage so I can mooch off of a venues' PA without my own amp and speaker - on a budget of $100!


Guitar(s): .Shecter Tempest EXTREMEEEEEE
--------------Maton CW-80

Amplification: Randall RG75 G3
The two you should probably be looking at are the Behringer BDI 121 £23.99 over here https://www.amazon.co.uk/d/Guitars-Gear/Behringer-Modeler-Guitar-Effects-Pedal/B000KIPUQG and their version of a Sansamp. Alternatively the Zoom B1ON with lots of amp modelling, extensive fx, tuner, drum machine and the ability to mix in an audio track for practice through headphones at  about £50 over here https://www.zoom-na.com/products/guitar-bass-effects/bass/zoom-b1on-bass-effects-pedal. It's a crazy price to be honest and actually fairly substantial at the price.
And there's the Bass Pod XT, which should be available for around $80-90 used (we usually have them show up on Craig's for that). There's a tuner built in, and a raft of FX and, of course, a bunch of specifically bass amp modeling, but no drum machine, and no add-in for an audio track (but I do use one for practicing bass with headphones, and you can run it into a PA mixer or into any power amp/speaker cabinet.