Hey Guys, 

I have made a pickup comparison video, EMG - JAMES HETFIELD SET and BARE KNUCKLE NAILBOMBS, 

Tell me what you think. 
First of all, you should setup a decent tone first, before you start doing videos like this. While it does kinda show the difference, its hard to listen to. And the format is all wrong, if you look at other pickup comparison videos, they basically play a riff for a while, and edit the audio and video so that the pickups change during the riff. In your video, i had to constantly jump from the first few seconds to the last part, to compare the bridge pickups between themselves. It was annoying, and it makes precise comparison pretty hard. Its also pretty long. Instead of doing a very long section for each pickup, do shorter ones and then do a variety of them, like hi gain, crunch and clean tones.

Here is one of the best pickup comparison vids i have seen. Its short, to the point, it has good tone, and illustrates the differnece between the pickups perfectly:

Joža je kul. On ma sirove z dodatki pa hambije.