I just got a PRS se custom 24 with a floyd rose and the case i currently have works fine with the guitar except for the fact that the case when fully closed pushes on the bridge and as most of you should know, isnt a good thing. What case do you guys recommend for a floyd rose guitar like mine that wont push down on the bridge.
I assume the bar is removed from the bridge?
get a PRS case maybe>>>
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It's perfectly normal for a case to push on a Floyd Rose a little as long as it's just the interior foam and not the hard lid it self.  The foam will break in to accommodate it better over time. Both of my Floyd guitars had the hard case pushing on the Floyds (both floating and decked) and never had any issues over the many years I've had them.  I doubt you will find a case that won't push on the Floyd a little.  Now if it's pushing excessively hard on it I would stop using it and I would look for a new case.  If it were me personally, I would go for a custom fit factory case (OHSC).  Since you have a PRS that's extremely easy to do.
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I'd definitely look for an OEM case. When guys began putting Floyds on LPs, the neck angle was all wrong, and the Floyd stuck WAY up. There were actually some cases that had the Floyd chewing all the way through to the outside of the case over time, and the case mashed the Floyd so much it was often out of tune when you pulled the guitar out.