Just to make it easy, i'll split it up by instrument

  • The rhythm guitars are probably the best thing about this mix. The playing is tight and the tone is close to the original. I think they would benefit from  a slight boost in the upper mids for some bite, and cut around 400-500hz to get rid of the "woof" during the palm mutes. It would be good to carve some room for the bass. Especially during the palm mutes (again), the bass and guitars are fighting for space. Cut the frequency on the guitars, boost the same on the bass. A high pass around 100hz will help a lot too.
  • The cleans sounds nice, but I think there's more reverb than necessary. Either reduce the mix knob on the reverb or (my favorite) send the guitar to another channel with just the reverb on it so you can control the dry and wet signals separately. 
  • I like the leads at the end a lot. Overall, I just think it's missing some top end. 

  • The kick sounds great, but it's hard to hear when everything is going. Just bring it up a bit. Same thing with the toms.
  • The panning of the cymbals feels a bit strange, but maybe it's just me. 
  • The snare sounds good, but it would sounds even better if you added some reverb, makes the whole kit sound bigger. It sounded weak at times, but this can easily be fixed w/ some parallel compression

This is one of my favorite songs by Northlane, I think you did a good job  . This mix sounds closer to the first album to me though, but that's not a bad thing. Btw, which parts did you record?

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