Wanting to play some The Sword tunes, and it looks like they play in C standard. Here are the guitars I have I'd be willing to tune down and set up for that, which do you think would be best?

Washburn Parallaxe PXM10 (SD distortion/jazz)

Ibanez Destroyer (dimarzio)

Epiphone Korina V (stock epiphone)

Dean Dave Mustaine VMNT tiger's eye (Mustaine pups)

Those are the ones I'm willing to detune and leave there. My other's I'd prefer to keep at E standard. Washburn is the only tremolo (floyd) and the rest are Hardtail, if that helps for lower tunings at all.

Sorry for the dumb question, I've always been a standard/drop d player.
You may want to check the nuts on some of those hardtails, not all nuts have slots wide enough for the strings you'll have to use. That's the advantage of the FR nut, it can take any size. The disadvantage is setting up the FR. So you'll have to do a good setup anyway. 
I tune to a different C tuning with @50% of my guitars, almost all hardtails, and use a 52 on most of them for the C string. Only a couple have had issues with that, and it was remedied with an expertly utilized file.

(I had a tech do it as part of a setup.)

So, string gauge is usually not a big deal.
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I'd go for one of the hard tail guitars if you plan on leaving it tuned low if it is necessary to have the nut filed a bit it won't hurt anything since you'll most likely be keeping heavier strings on it for detuning.

The hard tail advantage would be you won't be stuck at C standard you could tune up or down easily if you felt the need.
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Yeah, I plan on having a tech do the setup for me. I'm thinking the Washburn at the moment. I don't play it enough as is, so making it my C guitar will get it more use, and I won't have to file anything down. Thanks for the advice dudes!

Alternatively, I just found out about the digitech Drop pedal. Looks very promising and handy. Any of you have experience with it?
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