I made this cover as a collaboration with another YouTuber, subversiveasset, as a part of an album by the Pixel Mixers (A VGM cover group) dedicated to the Rayman 1 OST.

The trailer for the album:

The link to download the full album for free: http://bit.ly/2mIDMHc

Equipment used:
  • Guitar 1: Homemade Fender Stratocaster
  • Guitar 2: Fender 1982 Stratocaster
  • Bass Guitar: Hohner Jack Bass Custom V
  • Drums: Yamaha DTX-450K
  • Microphones: sE Electronics sE2200a (condenser) and AKG D310 (dynamic)
  • Keyboard: Korg M1
  • Guitar Amplifiers: two Orbitek Prototype amps in stereo (solid-state amps built by my dad)
  • Bass Amplifiers: Kustom II 115 Combo and Orbitek Prototype amp in stereo

  • Saxophone: Conn 24M Alto Saxophone
  • Mouthpiece: Jody Jazz HR #6M
  • Ligature: Rovner C1RL MK III
  • Reed: Vandoren Java #2

Effects pedals:
  • Mid Boost: Homemade Mid Boost pedal
  • Wah: Dunlop Cry Baby GCB95
  • Lead Fuzz: Homemade Modified Fuzz Face pedal
  • Stereo Chorus: Line 6 DL4 Delay Modeller
  • Delay: Höfner Analog Delay
"There was Pope John, if you remember. Now there's Pope John Paul. The next pope's gonna be Pope John Paul George, and we can see where they're going. It's that more populist edge Pope John Paul George and Ringo, he's going to take off; he's going to have songs in the charts."
~Eddie Izzard, "Circle", 2000

"Boy bands should be exploded from a great height. They’re just pretty people singing music written by others."
~Eddie Izzard