I know the Ultimate Guitar community is very knowledgeable, so I figured I'd enlist your help. Anyone know what song intro this is? It's not a lot to go on....

could it be holy diver
Ahh shit I know that tune anywhere man. Its Indescribable by The Jay Seeney Band.
Darude - Sandstorm But They Don't Stop Coming
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Lmao are you serious

That could be hundreds of songs
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Lmao are you serious

That could be hundreds of songs

more like BILLIONS lulz
Well to narrow it down some more, its of the classic rock genre, and it would've been a single for whatever band it is, something that would get airplay on the radio.
Baby - Justin Bieber
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Offspring - Smash
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I will up my ante to $50! I know it's not a lot to go on, but here's the gist. It's the intro of the song. It is almost positively classic rock, but there is the slim possibility it could be slightly more current, ie alternative. The band is more or less mainstream, and it'll likely be ones of the band singles, but not necessarily a vastly popular one. There is also the possibility that it's CanCon  (Canadian Content) which would make it even that more challenging to figure out. Happy hunting!
Is this a marketing gimmick in an attempt to draw a maximum exposure of 50 different people for a band trying to relive its glory days? Go kick rocks...
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esky15 It's a radio contest, there's 9 other songs, which I already have. All the songs are the intro, hence this is why I say it's an intro. The station plays classic rock, but does slip in some more modern tunes here or there, mostly to abide by the CanCon laws (Canadian radio station). So it's not going to be something totally obscure. So, that's how I surmised everything. 
It's over when there's a winner. Someone gets to try once a day (excluding weekends).Other songs were Crazy - Aerosmith, I'm Free - The Who, Against the Wind - Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band, Sympathy for the Devil - The Rolling Stones, Suite Madame Blue - Styx, I Drink Alone - George Thorogood & The Destroyers, I'm Goin' Down - Bruce Springsteen, You're All I've Got Tonight - The Cars, Even Flow - Pearl Jam
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Ах, так вы не пьете и не курите?
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it's the intro to your mom getting bent over the wash machine by the postal service
wtf I was expecting at least a few notes. This is retarded.

If you heard it on some station then just keep listening to that station. God knows if you're looking to hear the same songs over and over again, you listen to the radio.
There's nothing left here to be saved
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Sounds like this.

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