"It has Lace Sensors neck and middle pickups and a PRS bridge. The middle button doesnt have a function and the position between middle and bridge is phase." This is the description I got from someone who offered this for as a trade for my epiphone les paul. Anyone with info on how good the strat is or had an opinion on the deal is welcome to share it with me. Thanks!
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which specific squier?  Also which specific epiphone?

Got any good pictures of both guitars?

What style of music do you play?  What kind of neck do you prefer?
My own is an Epiphone les paul from 1995 from korea.
The strat I have no idea, also I mostly play rock and blues. Just to be clear I am selling my les paul, he put this up as an offee.

I am kinda new to the forum so I dont know how to put images, if you could tell me how I am happy to give you some images