Hi guys, i'm going to buy a 9 strings guitar, but i have some doubts about the set of strings.

On my six stringed electric and acoustic guitars i always use elixir strings, for the durability, and because they will never rust, but i checked on thomann and other european webshops (i'm from italy) and i only discover ernieball slinky and ibanez strings set.
I have not had good experiences with ernie ball strings, they sounds really good, but only for a few days (sometimes less than a week) and they also quickly rust.
Could you raccomend something? maybe using some strings polish i could use the same string set for a cuple of months?
Which brand i could try? checking on the net and i only find Labella, ibanez and ernie ball set (but labella aren't sold on european webshop, so i have to pay customs).

Thanks in advance
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