Hey lads,

I have a question about floyd rose saddle blocks. I have a Jackson DK2S. Unfortunately, I lost one of the saddle blocks for the first string when I was re-stringing my guitar. I am wondering if floyd rose saddle blocks that you can purchase are universally shaped or are particular to certain bridge setups. In this case, my bridge is a JT580 LP double-locking 2-Point Tremolo. If they are can you point me in the right direction on which to purchase? Cheers.
I'm not sure actually.


that's a good page there (it's not mine, and i haven't verified any of the info), but it doesn't mention the saddle blocks.

have you considered emailing jackson or maybe schaller?

the other thing is, you could always take pot luck- i could be wrong but I would imagine the blocks aren't that dear. and if it's a schaller-made jt580 they may well be the same size.
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