Hello all,

I am really in to a mix of Rock, Funk and Blues. As can be heard in https://open.spotify.com/user/spotify/playlist/7ECmf74Ey57LAYulSxhL9w
Some of my favourite artists are Anthony Gomez, Hendrik Freischlader and Philip Sayce. (I know they are not very funky but had to quickly name some)
I have several books with Blues licks, Blues rock or Texas Blues licks. But nothing really about rhythm
Most of the times books called like the books above also don't fit this mixture of genres I like most. 

Can anybody help me with some suggestions?

Kind Regards,
I'd highly recommend just transcribing the stuff you want to play. It will help out a lot more in the long run, compared to learning from books. In the end, music is heard, not read.