I've got two guitars I want to put new pickups in and I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the black winter and the nazgul pickups. I was thinking about doing a nazgul bridge and a black winter neck in one of them but I'm not sure as of yet. I have an epiphone g400 flat black sg and an epiphone les paul studio that I want to change pickups in. I play mostly doom and sludge or stoner but I also have some black metal and clean parts as well.
I'm plugged into an orange rockerverb 100 mk iii into Panama guitars 2x12 and an ampeg svt 8x10. Also I run through a few fuzz pedals. Thanks guys.
I should also note that the sg is in c standard and the les paul is in drop b
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I have a Nazgul in my PRS SE. It's a somewhat midrangey pickup, yet still very bright compared to other newer-ish high-output pickups from Duncan.

The Nazgul is crunchy as hell - if you're the kind of person that likes to EQ out your pick attack, you're barking up the wrong tree (with both of these pickups I think).

I can't comment on the low-end of the Nazgul through personal experience because this SE, despite being one of the darkest guitars I have ever played, has a very weak bottom end (shitty sustain block). However, from what I have heard online, the Black Winter has a much stronger low end. The Black Winter also seems to be a bit more midrangey (very slightly).

As for clarity... I was really surprised at how articulate the Nazgul is. With overdriven open chords, each string rings out very clearly even with really high gain.

By the way, I'm using 1M pots in this SE. I wouldn't recomend this with the Nazgul as it just exacerbates master volume sizzle; I generally have to keep the tone at around 8. I had to offset the darkness of this guitar though so that's why I stuck with the 1M pots (and the reason I picked the Nazgul). I want to change the cap to take only the highest of highs off but I haven't gotten around to it.

That's all I think I know...

P.S. Were you thinking about cake when you posted this? lol
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Thanks for the info man.
I decided to pull the trigger on em. I'm gonna but a nazgul bridge / Black winter pickups in my lp
And I'm gonna just do a set of black winters in the sg.

And holy crap I didn't even realize that... lol whoops