So a couple of things have happened recently. About a year ago I got a new solid state amp and all was fine. Maybe 4 months later the amp would just get a terrible hum and eventually loud crackling that pissed me off because I take very good care of my equipment. So I was lucky to get a new one for only 20 dollars when I exchanged the old one. I come home excited and the hum starts. Not even close to as bad as the old one, but I'm afraid it will get to that point. Will it? What could be the problem, I'm very ignorant on these type of problems. It can't be my guitar because I tried multiple ones on the same amp with the same result. And further note worthy things are that 1) My friend came over yesterday and out of no where his amp got hum too. And crackling loud enough to be a metronome. 2) The amp hum gets worse in some rooms, specifically a room where a wifi router is. Im sure it has something to do with the house and not my equipment. I'm thinking of getting a hum cancel device but not sure when.Thanks.
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issues with your electricity it sounds like. bad wiring in the house is liekly the cause. 
Have you tried a surge protector? And turning the routers off? You could also get an adapter and plug an mp3 player up front with the volume very low sos to see if it is the guitar or the amp.
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I thank you for the information! I was looking for and could not find. You helped me!