Hey guys.

In the band I play we use drop C# tuning but I when I am at home I like to record in drop C tuning (my own material)
Which string guage would you suggest to do kind of both tunings? Scale 25.5

In Fluff's string guide

11-52 for drop C# and
11-56 for drop C
I use 11-52 in standard tuning. You need 14's.

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11-54 seems like the obvious answer

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Prime2515102 That seems too high IMO. Drop C is really just a whole step down, with the low E dropped 2 steps (I think, it's late my math might be off). I'd go for 12's if I wanted the strings tight, 11's if loose.

Yeah I was joking... I played a bass for a few weeks with ridiculously tight strings and terrible, terrible, action (the neck pocket had finish in it on one side messing everything up) and my left hand got incredibly strong. Now I can't play lighter strings on guitar without it going all wacko on the bends n' such. I have no control...
"Practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect." -some dude
to a degree it is trial and error. I would go with a heavier sixth string though so i would go with the 56.
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