Oke, maybe a stupid question maybe not.. so ii'm trowning it in anyways. 

I'm a beginner.. yeah really at the start of it all.... 
so basically i'm starting with the most basic chords, some strumming for rhythm and scales.
to creat some callus and muscle memory and flexibility before i expect to go further that that.. 

to be honoust i've been practising on and of over 2 decades now and never got anywhere because i never put the time in.. 
but at this moment i have more thatn usual so... i can and will put more time into it.. 

but the major issue i have it my pinky finger.. (left one) it just won't behave.. 
so when i try to do scales. my index fits nicely on... let's say fret 4, middel finger on 5, ring finger on 6 with some tension but it's there.. 
but then there is the pinky.. that is kinda in love with my ring finger i believe cause i can't get the pinky away from it. 
it just angles towards it.. 

anyway.. i'm not extra ordinairily build so i doubt that i'm the first with that problem.. 

so my question now is how do i train my pinky to start behaving the way i want it to going down straight like instead of an angle.. 
i already ordered one of those trumpet like finger trainers but that just aid the strengths and the ease with which you move each finger seperately, but it doesn't aid you with getting the pinky straight..  

so i thought maybe there is some way to train that properly.. 

anyway, open for all ideas. 

Greats Matt
Hi Matt, to train your pinky finger you should practce your scales very slowly and slowly speed it up. start as slow as you can accurately play. you can also practice hammer ons and pull off with your pinky and pointer finger. and keep practicing your chords by switching them up. do this about 15 minutes a day and you should be good in no time. 
It takes a while. Your ring and pinky fingers will almost always want to function together. Some folks have better control but many don't.

I would start with a metronome set at a slow tempo I used the pentatonic and major scales and just played them over and over until using one or the other finger came naturally. The challenge for me was going from middle to pinky finger, it always wanted to bring my ring finger down.