Hey guys, i just inherited this guitar from my late brother and i cant seem to find much information on it. There is no manufacturer markings inside or out, the headstock isnt any that im familiar with. It has a built in, spring loaded tremolo(whammy) and it has 4 switches on the front bottom to mute and switch pickups.
I took it to a local luthier who specializes in oldies and he told me he knows its an old department store guitar, most likely from sears but he couldnt tell me exactly what brand. His guess was that it was a silvertone or airline by Harmony due to the hardware used to connect the neck but he said it may also be a Teisco.
The clear coat is cracked pretty much over the entire guitar but the guitar itself sounds amazing considering it smells like an antique shop.
Not really interested in selling because im in love with it but i would love to know what it is if any of you guys might have seen one like this before.

Thanks for lookin!
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2nd the harmony, teisco, maybe guyatone. Check out drowning in guitars.
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Harmony or Teisco from 60s is what it looks like to me. 

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2nd the harmony, teisco, maybe guyatone. Check out drowning in guitars.

Thanks for the confirmation guys! Trying to learn up on these guitars but theres so many small variables in each model haha.

Were the guitars produced for the department stores in that era pretty different from location to location? Ive been looking through pages and pages of pictures and cant find any with the same headstock or switch configuration.

Poppin over to drowning in guitars to continue the search. Any additional info is much appreciated
techiedruid  well good luck. there are a ton of variations and they weren't strictly made for dept. stores. there are also a bunch of other "brand" names despite the guitars actually being made by the same place. 
geo-rage thanks for the recommendation for drowning in guitars! I didnt see any pictures that matched mine on his site so I emailed him and it seems he had actually seen one like this before.
Heres his response : "Ok, so what you have there is a late 60s Valco guitar. The headstock shape is that of a Valco guitar made for Kustom Kraft, which was one of the many brand names that sold these guitars. Similar guitars to yours would have been the Supro Clermont. Now yours comes from the very late 60s, possibly early 70s. The wood is USA, as are some of the parts, but other parts (like pickups, tailpiece) were from Japan. I’ve seen guitars like these before, that were a mash-up of different parts. I suspect that as Valco was going out of business in the late 60s, they completed all sorts of guitars with various parts. Hope that helps!

Hope this helps anyone else that is trying to identify one of these odd-balls